Indonesian customer inspected the mist fogger

January 01, 1970

After October of 2016, Mr Tio visited Zhengzhou Bluechain Industry Co.,LTD for Mini mist fogger, this Mist fogger is one of our newly developed products,with smartness, small weight and easy operation, which can be used for preventing and curing disease and insect pest for factory, field, toliet, farmland, Vinyl, classroom and buildings etc.


Mr Tio told us that this kind of mist fogger is very hot sale in Indonesia, he is one of the biggest wholesaler in the local market. Except the mini mist fogger, our customer also sell paddy weeders, rice transplanter etc. When he was at our factory, our engineer tested the machine. Compare with other machine, our mist maker has the advantages:

Less coil clogging;No corrosion of pump;Better chemical effects;Expanding usages;Securing the sight.


After confirmed the goods, our customer felt satisfied with the quality and package, we will cooperate with each other more in future.Indonesian customer visit