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    Pre-sale service

    1.We have professional sales people to communicate with customer about our weeders and mist foggers’ features, quality, packaging, transportation etc.
    2.Discuss with the customers about the machine that suits local soil quality. For example,If the soil viscosity is high, we will thicken the teeth and increase the horsepower of the engine; if the soil is loose, we can use domestic gasoline engine to reduce the customer's purchase cost.
    3.Research with customers for the local market,research with customers on the local market for the existing needs and possible future needs, product positioning, price positioning and marketing positioning.
    4.Know if the customer has the ability to assemble parts and components, such as warehousing, labor etc. to lay the foundation for subsequent bulk assembly. So that the same container can be loaded with more machine, reduce customer purchasing costs.
    5.Learn from each other the characteristics of the other market products, can be customized products for customers.

    After-sale service

    1.Once confirm the order, the after-sales service has already begun, We will inform our customer the producing process in time, and confirm whether the bulk shipment, local assembly(if confirmed, we will send a technician to guide the assembly and training).
    2.Confirm with customer about the packing, trademark printing,delivery time, Shipping time etc. Also take pictures when load machines at our factory and the port.
    3.Provide all of the shipping documents like Bill of lading, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Packing list etc.

    Hierarchical agent system

    1.General agency.
    2.Regional general agent.
    3.Area exclusive agency.
    4.Marketing manager.