Pakistan customer MR DILEEP RAJANI, Inspect Paddy weeders and manual transplanter in Apr, 2017

January 01, 1970

At the end of Apr,Pakistan client visited Bluechain company for paddy weeders and rice transplater.Before this visitation, he had saw paddy weeders and paddy transplater videos on Youtube, and he wants to know more about our machines.

This client wants to expand his business, so he wants to find the good supplier in China, after compare and he found us finally. We introduced the advantages of our weeding machine and manual transplanter. For the weeding machine, the advantages are following:It can replace the herbicide to reduce the environment pollution and avoid soil compaction. This paddy weeder has been a necessary tool for rice planting. The size is small size and the weight is light. It is easy to move and economical and practical.

For the manual transplanter,the advantages are Small size, light weight,high working efficiency,applicable to different field,good planting effect.

This client is a vegetarian, before he went to China he brought food in case there is no proper meal. There is no need for worry about these things, Bluechain company would help you to solve all problems like picking up, booking tickets, ordering room and eating you might encounter. 

If you have interest in paddy weeder and manual transplanter business, feel free to contact us now!Pakistan customer visit