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Rice planting machine

Manual rice transplanter(Rice planting machine) is suitable for all countries the traditional method of rice seedlings, Also suitable for factory sludge seedlings transplanting. Weighing less than 20 kg, Of seedlings, argillaceous, field in the shape of a suit. Use suitable for our country all plains, hills and mountains. Suitable for all early rice and late rice, and YiJiDao seedling transplanting.The indicators are more than the domestic advanced level, Leakage rate is less than one percent, hook hurt plants are less than one percent, The evenness and planting the same hand, Seedling plug 0.5 acres more than an hour. Its simple structure, convenient and durable, easy operation, easy to maintenance.

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Manual rice transplanter

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Manual rice transplanter| Rich planting machine

1. Manual rice transplanter has the characteristics of flexible and simple operation, labor and time-saving. 

2. Widely applicable to rice planting of small field, especially for hilly areas. 

3. Manual rice transplanter is light, can be moved easily.  

4. No special require for the seedling length,150mm-350mm all suitable.  



1. Small size, light weight.
2. High working efficiency.
3. Applicable to different field.
4. Good planting effect.

Use Maintenance

1. Planting seedling claw timing: (not less than seedling) this kind of phenomenon is removed after the short chain assembly improper or fall, when assembling chain, seedling needle bar 36 K line in vertical direction, the short line connecting rod centerline of 33B is after Angle iron wall of v-shaped mark, both in the position relationship between such buckle chain 34. Seedling and points the location of the needle point overlap buckle chain.

2. Seedling claw fork live with plants, 4 cannot turn this kind of circumstance is accidental dragged walks or forcibly rocking-turn machine on hard court, seedling claw or seedling with deformation, this situation is to rectify companion plants or seedling claw, seedling claw to companion plants or gaps within 1 mm.

3. Sponge tuo fall off, if good sleep tuo, knead seedline pieces 6 will roller because of gravity in the guide groove on the wild card dead, make the machine can’t turn, can be soft foam slippers bottom shear embedded into the original shape and glue.

4. The machine rail pressure parts and components, some planting components are fixed, a little hole, special cases need to be removed, must use screwdriver to pry open end slowly, make its exit, the deformation and remove the other end, also should according to this method, when the assembly if accidentally deformation, according to the size of their cooperation in correct recovery. Vent children playing curiosity, lest points seedling needle hand. Women and the old man don't just one machine.

5. Small roller and roller axle is wearing parts, a few years later will need to be replaced, can be in the local processing.

6. Rice transplanter the whole to work after cleaning, remove dirt floor, every day before work on with seedling and rotation in the inside of the friction lubricating oil, make its easy operation, increase the service life. After the completion of the season to the engine clean, do not remove, use cloth to wipe all parts rust. Wooden coat once a year of tung oil. Placed on a smooth mat, especially to prevent children playing curiosity, lest points seedling needle hand.



Seedling requirements: Comfortable and phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, seedling bed wetting can be easy to pull out easy to wash.

Pull up seedlings requirements: Pulling together abluent, tie up, the seedling should not be too big to feel good

Working depth: 10-20mm is best, deep water drag machine pluggable slightly.

Slower Mechanical conditions: Before the cultivator, friction parts and activity place daub oil, to achieve flexible rotation.

Put plants requirements: Basic parallel seedlings, and leaf sheath areas less space, it should put after seedling seedling root with the hand a squashed towards put seedling. Can't card too tight, can automatically slide.

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